NetAtlas s.r.l. offers the following services:

  • business intelligence
  • machine learning and data mining
  • big data
  • data analysis
  • data visualization
  • network analysis e social network analysis
  • design and development of static website
  • software management
  • development of web-based solutions
  • design and development of e-commerce
  • integration with ERP and CRM management systems


We collect, analyze, treat and (re-)shape data. Through mechanisms of data discovery and data analysis, we explore data to detect patterns and relations between information. We use data visualization techniques to better explore and interact with complex information: the design and implementation of web based information dashboards allow the user to display on-demand graphs, plots, statistical and scientific graphics.




ART is an AI based platform that can be used as a Web application to measure the quality of the neighborhood, according to some specific metrics.
It can be applied to every domain where the end user needs to timely compare different geographical areas along a set of given dimensions, such as access to services, transportation, demographic information, density of points of interests, criminality rate, and so on.
ART, with the application of advanced data analytics and public and private data fusion, can be tailored to different business cases, in particular to support strategic decisions based on comparative scenarios: - Bank and finance, to identify the behavioral models of buyers - Marketing and communication, to analyze and compare commercial competitors - Insurance, to detect demographic features (e.g., sex, age, commuting patterns, instruction, employment) for risk assessment - Real estate, to identify the perfect place to live based on personal requirements or to support Real Estate appraisal


DM is a web-based dashboard built on top of the ART platform.
It has been designed to give powerful insights and advanced analytics about merchants and their customers.
We defined some custom indicators for each feature through the analysis of customers data given by an important Italian bank with a position of leadership in the italian market share.
For each merchant we elaborate and represent analytics and data about Customers (like: sex, age, average income), Competitors (like: others merchant in the same merchant category, their transactions and earnings) and Neighborhood Area (like: wealth and popularity). We have detected in particular two business cases: the first business case is related to Bank and Finance, e.g., to monitor the behavior of a given merchant’s customers and to automatically describe the profile of the most promising clients. The second business case is related to Merchants, to monitor and discover more informations about their own activities. Of course, all the information have been used in an aggregate form with respect of the data protection regulamentations.


Development of machine learning algorithms (supervised and unsupervised), to semplify business processes and operations.
Predictive analysis, Deep learning, Neural networks, Time series


The Netatlas team is able to develop web-based applications based on specific customer requests, whether for showcase or e-commerce websites, or for intranet management platforms to the satisfy specific business processes. The guarantee of a high quality web product is due to the respect of the essential requirements of a modern web application, such as usability, accessibility and portability, maintaining a high level of reliability and performance.


Netatlas is specialized in providing services and mobility solutions, combined with the "social media" and "data analysis" factors. We help client companies to get closer to geo-social media, the new frontier of mobile communication, through the concepts of localization and socialization and through data analysis.